The official club channels and our Help Centre information will be updated each month to notify members of the available window to use the Cashback service. Please click here for a full list of Cashback dates for the 2023/24 Season.


Open: Monday 22nd April 10am.

Closes: Friday 26th April 5pm.

During the above dates you will need to login to your account here and if you are requesting funds for multiple accounts and you will need to log into each account.

Now click on Account Menu and under the heading Account Management please then click on Account Cashback.

If you are an overseas Gold Member please click here for more information on the Cashback Service.

Please be reminded that funds will clear into your account after a minimum of 10 working days has passed from when the Cashback service has closed. Members based outside of the UK should allow 21 working days.

If you submit incorrect details, the funds will return to your account to be withdrawn at a future window.