Where a supporter would find it unreasonably difficult or impossible to access the stadium or services offered on their own, the Club will provide the qualifying supporter with a complimentary ticket, for them attend with a Personal Assistant (PA), who can provide the appropriate support and assistance to assist with the matchday experience. It is important to understand that the personal assistant ticket is not concessionary but is a reasonable adjustment to enable a disabled supporter to access the full range of matchday services more easily. This is in line with current UK legislation as described in the Equality Act 2010.

The personal assistant should sit with the disabled supporter to assist them, and whilst we accept that the personal assistant may be another disabled person or a young person (under 16), we would advise all supporters that you attend the match with a personal assistant who is at least 18 years of age and is fully capable of meeting your needs, this includes lifting of any equipment. It should also be noted that when entering the stadium, the personal assistant must enter at the same time as the disabled supporter.

If you are eligible for a personal assistant you will be issued a digital membership for your personal assistant. You can choose to bring any appropriate person as your personal assistant to the game. You do not need to inform us of their name, although you must ensure they are capable of providing assistance to you throughout your visit.

Both memberships are the responsibility of the disabled supporter.

If you do not qualify for a free personal assistant to accompany you to games, you can request up to 2 extra tickets when entering the ballot. Supporters must have either a Red, Silver, Cannon, or Junior Gunner, membership.  Please note, all additional tickets are subject to availability and are not guaranteed if you are successful in the ballot.

Your personal assistant (PA) carries no membership benefits. A personal assistant is a reasonable adjustment, ensuring a disabled fan is able to attend and enjoy matches at Emirates Stadium safely. If a PA wants to become a Member, they can purchase their own Red, Red Disability Access (DA) or Junior Gunner membership.


A Red DA Member is responsible for their personal assistant’s (PA’s) behaviour while they are attending Emirates Stadium with you.  If they breach the Disabled Supporters Terms and Conditions, both the Red DA Member and their PA may be ejected from Emirates Stadium and/or face other disciplinary or legal action.


A personal assistant can only enter the stadium with the Red DA Member. If a PA arrives earlier than the disabled supporter they are accompanying they must wait outside until they arrive and enter together.


Personal assistants must not attend matches on their own or with any other non-disabled supporter. 

If a disabled supporter is unable to attend the game, they can contact the Disability Liaison Team on 020 7619 5000 Option 2 (9.30am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday) at least 72 hours before a fixture. The Team will attempt to sell or donate your place to another disabled supporter, a charity or local disability organisation at your direction, and refund requests will be reviewed by the Disability Access Manager.